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Abbreviation for Blow Job Queen.
Tava Ho Foster, aka slanny, is the BJQ of Southwestern College and Colorado Springs.
by Tara March 29, 2005
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Australian surfer slang, means excited.
"oooo dude im so totally rapt"
by Tara January 05, 2005
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The only neighborhood in America were you can hear lasgo blocks away blasting from the cars of fort hamilton high school kids along 3rd ave. A place where you can get drunk at mooneys and eat greasy burgers at the americana. Bayridge is the place to be on a friday night, pass by omonia you'll know wat im talkin about. And the best block in bayridge is 68th street, only the strong survive on that block.
Shady, predictable, Honest
by Tara February 02, 2005
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The most beautiful, exotic creature to ever walk the face of the earth. A sassy, funny karaoke queen. Usually a gorgeous red head with stunning green eyes. A real knock out!
My beautiful mother on a good day
by Tara November 17, 2004
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a shifty or sketchy person that cannot focus on reality due to their drug imtake
A person that is found rumaging through the Comfort Zone for 22 hours
by Tara May 06, 2005
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The practice of looking into the future by using tools such as tarot cards, runes, I Ching, tea leaves or palms.
The I Ching is an acient Chinese system of divination.
by tara December 01, 2004
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Term employed at the moment of victory in a good-natured but keenly-fought competition. Often used to underline the irrefutable statement that wins an argument. Compare booya.
"...and thus we see, Professor Wildenstein, that while your algorithm does in this case return results mapping closely to the derived Fourier Transform Analysis, the floating k-values characteristic of a myoglobin fold structure would inevitably skew your model toward an unpleasant Agarotti effect. Boom cha."

by tara August 09, 2003
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