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A person who drinks soy "milk" and complains about the need for non dairy alternatives in an overly aggressive and somewhat retarded manner.

These people are often lactarded as well.
Dorm Resident: Hey Elaine! I picked up all supplies for dorm brunch tomorrow.

Elaine (Dorm Director): Great, but I see you didn't get non-dairy milk alternatives for the soytards in the building.
by Tanaka Mushi September 03, 2006

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1. The result of a sexual act involving the peeing in someone's eye

2. The compound word refering to an object in the movie "Goldeneye" which is key to the control of two EMP satellites
I gave my ho a nice golden eye last night, to accompany that pearl necklace.
by Tanaka Mushi January 09, 2006

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Slang for the hair on a woman's upper legs, stomach, and back.
Guy to a red haired girl: So, does the carpet match the drapes?
Red haired girl: Yeah. But not the upholstery.

(Thanks xkcd!)
by Tanaka Mushi November 24, 2008

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Short version of opportunity, used by your corporate boss.
Wrt our sales figures, Fall will bring additional oppty to grep some clients.
by Tanaka Mushi August 06, 2010

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Not quite safe for work.

Useful for situations involving questionable text, but no sex pics.
NQSFW sites:

1. The Anus Laptops website

2. The go fuck yourself website

3. The best page in the universe

4. BJs wholesale
by Tanaka Mushi July 22, 2010

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