8 definitions by TObject

a. 4GB microdrive extracted from certain cheap MP3 players.
b. pristine honey hole uncovered after ripping off a virgin girl's underwear.
Tear it open to extract the precious bounty.
by TObject May 25, 2004
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A brand of synthetic automotive lubricants.
There is a bottle of Red Line oil sitting on the tool cabinet at the background of one of the Debra Lafave posing pictures.
by TObject September 09, 2005
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a very low alcohol content fermented drink made out of bread. Popular in some eastern European countries, but not well known otherwise.
It's so hot, I'd chug a jug of kvass right now.
by TObject July 21, 2004
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Something you put Herculiner on...
How Do I Get Herculiner Off of My Hootus?!
by TObject July 02, 2004
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adj. showing no care, concern or preference in the matter

Indifferent, uninvolved, detached.
Q: "What is your take on war partial birth abortions?"
A: "Monopenisual."
by TObject March 26, 2004
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It's a word you use in conversation about anything. For example, if you are talking about aircraft carriers, you can say, "As recent as yesterday I owned a pair of trousers that looked exactly like an aircraft carrier."
I once owned a pair a trousers that looked just like a driveshaft.
by TObject June 12, 2004
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