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A variation to Mexican't and Mexican. A Mexican who takes the initiative.
"Man...I don't think I can do this man, I fuckin' give up..."
"COME ON PEDRO! Don't be a Mexican't! BE A MEXIDO!"
by TFE May 23, 2006
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Simply slang for marijuana or "weed", originating from the fairly new Nintendo Wii Console and its remarkable similar pronunciation to "Weed" if stretched out.
Hence the phrases "Buy Some Nintendo", "Smoke Some 'Tendo", "Play Some Wii".
Substitute "Best Buy", "Circuit City", or some other electronics store for your dealer, and "games" for grams and you're in.
"Hey man, wanna go to Best Buy and get a Wii?"
"How much Nintendo you wanna play?"
"I don't know, 2 or 3 games should be enough."
by TFE October 22, 2007
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