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A state of being intensely high, drunk, or both.
"Shit...I'm so dead...this MJ is killer..."
by TFE February 20, 2007
Our glorious American holiday that comes every December 25th. A day for getting material items and hoping your adventures in various malls and shopping centers will bear fruit.
"Man, what'd you get for Secularmas?"
"An Xbox 360 niggag, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YES!"
by TFE December 31, 2008
Slang for "sex", though it can have different meanings all depending on context.
For example, it can simply mean "penis".
"Man, that guy tried to cut off my otch!"
Or any sort of genitalia or act depending on context and word combinations.
"Man, that was the best otch ever last night...Heheheheh..."
"Good otch. ;)"
by TFE September 1, 2006
A rap group consisting of founding members Le Bronx and Sean Cahn, though various rappers from Scarecrow to T-Bag have once been members. Most known for their songs "Persian Bread" and "Straight Outta Uni"
"Shiiit son, you hear the Crooklyn Crew's got beef with Zoo York?"
"Fuck that son, Bronx got rhymes that too hot to touch!"
by TFE May 23, 2006
A variation to Mexican't and Mexican. A Mexican who takes the initiative.
"Man...I don't think I can do this man, I fuckin' give up..."
"COME ON PEDRO! Don't be a Mexican't! BE A MEXIDO!"
by TFE May 23, 2006
Stemming from the Persian word for a whore, prostitute, or just basic bitch, Gende.
A Gende Master is on a whole 'nother level, it doesn't necessarily mean they're sexually promiscuous, rather it's an interchangable term for Asshole or Shithead or whatever, it's a fairly nice insult.
"Man, that bitch is such a Gende Master, always on my ass."
by TFE February 20, 2007
An irritating yet catchy alternative to swearing in the name of "God". Try to sound like a nasal person from the East Coast and stretch on the "A" as long as possible.
"My gad!"
"MY Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahd!"
by TFE February 20, 2007