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Really lazy and dry way of saying Dude.
"Yo...dud...gimme some of your fries."
"Fucks that."
by TFE February 20, 2007
A euphemism for "Mexican", when speaking about Mexicans and not wanting to mention them or when talking about Mexicans with Mexicans within hearing distance.
Also how Scooby Doo says "Mexican".
"Ruh roh Raggy! Rexican!"
by TFE June 6, 2006
Just another slang word for "nigga"/"negro" in the "homie"/"buddy" sense, one of the hundreds of random and innocuous corruptions of the original word.
"Sup Negrom?"
"NUKKAH please!"
by TFE April 2, 2008
Another way of saying "extremely serious", Serious=Cereal.
Originates from the recent "ManBearPig" episode of South Park.
"Guys! I'm super cereal right now! ManBearPig is a major threat!"- Al Gore
by TFE August 7, 2006
An alternate to nigger or nigga, usually a non-derogatory term referring to a black person or homie.
"Shit Nurger, where you at?! I got some bitches at my pad!"
by TFE July 26, 2006
A simpler way to say nigger or nigga, sort of originating from TFE and "izzle" talk, such as nizzle.
Not really derogatory, just a playful and mentally ill alternative to nigga.
"Fucks that, niiiizzaaak."
by TFE July 24, 2006
An ancient warrior that the legends of Danza spoke of, supposedly a protector of Oliphants and destroyer of Oliphant Murderers, his Gabbinslore has gone back for thousands of years.
"Gabbins save us!"
"That MTG Hugh Gabbins card rocks. ;)"
by TFE July 26, 2006