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Basically the combination of "Nigga" and "Fag"
It's not necessarily meant to be racist against African Americans or bigoted against Homosexuals. Mainly it's using the definition of "Nigga" that is basically like "Homie" and the definition of "Fag" which insults someone because they're a lame dumbass, not necessarily because they're gay. Just like how "gay" has just become a general term for something "lame".
"Man, you're SUCH a niggag."
by TFE September 2, 2007
Connected to the vague slang for "Sex" known as "Otch", a sort of veiling form of slang like "Hexican".
In this case, "Otchob" simply means "Blowjob".
"Man, good otch last night, she was giving me an otchob and I thought I'd gone to heaven!"
by TFE September 1, 2006
A reference to the film American Beauty. Basically just slang for, "I'd like to buy some pot."
The young man strolled up to the dealer, nodding to him.
"I want to borrow your copy of Re-animator"
by TFE October 26, 2006
The obvious combination of both "shit" and "damn" to make the ultimate expression of surprise or shock, not generally cursing one's fate, just being freaked out or surprised.
"I'm...actually a dude."
"SHITDAMN! That explains my anal pains!"
by TFE August 2, 2007
Another way to say "Sexy" or "I'd hit that". The slang "otch" literally means "Sex". However "Good Otch" doesn't literally mean "Good Sex", it's just a compliment or exclamation of a female's sexyness or beauty.
"Shit, did you seen Jessica Simpson's new music video?"
"Daaaamn! Good otch!"
by TFE September 1, 2006
Rather odd slang for a lesbian, paired with Laser Knee.
"Dude, I totally think that chick's a fire breather."
by TFE February 20, 2007
A really lame nickname for the fastfood joint Carl's Jr, presumably stemming from the unhealthiness of the food.
"Man, let's go get some criscut fries."
"CARl'S JR? More like...Carl's Funeral!"
"Shut the fuck up dude."
by TFE February 20, 2007