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A blow job from a delbarton boy
TJ: Idk what to do I just got a blow job from another guy, I think I might be gay.
Joe: Wait, from whom?
TJ: another delbarton boy..
Joe: wtf you got Delhead?!?
TJ: yeah...
by TEEJA June 28, 2018
Similar to a virginity card, but pertains to one's sexuality instead. You lose your sexuality card after you realize you are gay or straight by developing a crush on someone or after kissing someone.

For example, you can think your'e straight, but have a crush on another guy and realize you're gay. That guy then took your sexuality card. Same thing can happened after kissing, you can think youre sexuality is one thing, and kiss someone, and then realize its something else, or confirm that it is what you thought it was. You would therefore lose your sexuality card to the person you kissed. As long as your sexuality is confirmed by said crush or kiss.
Damn Joe i didnt know you were gay, who took your sexuality card?
Oh it was TJ, hes so hawt!!
by TEEJA January 4, 2018
TJ: yo i heard you outed that kid to his family
Joe: no i didn't, I'm no Alo
TJ: I would hope so
by TEEJA March 15, 2018
TJ: omg, my roommate and his girl were sespering all night long! I could hear everything tho!!!
Joe: I mean, if you heard it, was it really sespering?
TJ: ok bitch...
by TEEJA February 12, 2018
TJ: I can't believe my breeder roommate is into vaginas.
Joe: Yeah, I know! Those penis fly traps are scary.
TJ: Good thing we're gay.
by TEEJA February 16, 2018
When a gay man lies about being a bottom because he doesn't want to seem like a fem.
TJ: so your'e a bottom right?
Joe: wtf no bitch you no i ain't.
TJ: no bitch, what I do know is you got some bottom shame.
by TEEJA February 9, 2018
While listening to the song “Sexy Eyes” by Dr. Hook (single version) people make sexy eyes/various looks at the camera when the line “sexy eyes” comes on.

Started by Tim Adami
Joe: That sexy eyes challenge is so funny
TJ: you really got to smize like Tyra!
by TEEJA August 10, 2018