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also known as "Skate Geet".....one the hottest skateboard zines(way before computers and the internet for you youngsters) to come out of the great state of Ohio. Can be viewed on the historical archive wall at Transworld Skateboarding.
Dude.....have you seen the new issue of Skate Geet?
by TB January 12, 2004
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One of the best shows on tv. Confusing to the simple and dimwitted but great to people who know what good tv is. Great characters, special effects, story. It ended too soon. www.savefarscape.com
Farscape is "sexy, intelligent, and exciting".
by TB November 1, 2003
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This procedure requires a guy to be fucking a girl in the ass doggy style, as he thrusts in and out, the girls asshole naturally releases gas, if he pulls out too much during some thrusts, this could result in an explosion of shit everywhere (see, “Oil Spill”) Candles, Smoking, or any other flammable objects should not be used in conjunction with this act.
As I banged her harder and harder in the ass, the gas leak got worse.
by TB May 27, 2004
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When you kill a guy on rs with a pistol when he got a rifle
"man I got noobed by a DOE"
by TB March 14, 2004
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Guided By Voices, an indie rock band from Dayton, Ohio. Led by prolific singer/songwriter Robert Pollard.
GBV are a totally kick-ass band, man!
by TB January 3, 2005
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Basketball....played on urban courts where skills are put to the test with the best streetball player's.
Im goin down to Rucker to play some street ball.
by TB August 27, 2003
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A rather odd middle name. Most famously used in the name Katie Rhonwen Clarke.
by TB January 24, 2005
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