11 definitions by T. Barr

A gay man found attractive by women whose gaydar is not working.
"He's just such a good listener!"
"I think he's a Liberace."
"Never mind."
by T. Barr July 11, 2008
A term for particularly bad driving in Jewish areas of New York.
"I guess we're celebrating Honkunah early this year." (honk)
by T. Barr July 11, 2008
A grammar term that you do understand except for it's taboo use at the end of sentences.

It's actually not that taboo.
"Where's my preposition at?"
"I've seen that preposition before."
"What is a preposition atop?"
by T. Barr July 11, 2008
adj. Uncharacteristic behavior, particularly selling out. Refers to Liz Phair's recent attempt to reinvent erself as Brtiney Spears.
"Dude, did you catch the new Death cab for Cutie album?"

"Yeah, don't get it. Totally unphair."
by T. Barr July 11, 2008
Strictly Platonic:

SWM seeks intimate backrubbing sessions with SBF. Deformities a plus. Just conversation! I've been dumped too many times.
by T. Barr July 11, 2008
1. An act of betrayal.
2. A traitor to a cause.
1. "Oh, damn I forgot to mention I'm dating your stepmom."
"After I gave you my trust? That's a veggie monster!"

2. "I can't stay for chess club. I'm in the AV club now."
by T. Barr July 11, 2008
A term for someone who one-ups you with a worse story. A bad story-topper.
"Man, last night, someone threw poop on me out of their window."
"Yeah, someone once shot poop at me out of a powerful air rifle. That's why I have a limp."
"Don't Spiderman 4 me."
by T. Barr March 22, 2009