56 definition by T Hizzle

Quirky Internet shorty for In Real Love, often used by naïve Internet hoes.
omg i think i'm irl w/ craig ^^ ;)
by T Hizzle April 06, 2005

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1) Sharing the weed with your friends in a smoking session.

2) The love one has for weed itself.
Let's be passion that blunt now, come on.
by T Hizzle May 02, 2005

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Real is an abbreviation of Retaliating for Every Attack Line. Therefore, "keeping it real" is a defense mechanism used to sustain one's pride and self-interests against motherfuckers and bitches whose key intentions are to humiliate you and attempt to eliminate the much needed respect from your peers. To be real means to follow your heart, never giving a fuck about what your enemies try to do to break you, and always keeping a steady eye on your goals as well as the loved ones you set out to protect.
Keeping it real is the way of the soldier, one who always keeps his head up and his eyes on the prize.
by T Hizzle April 08, 2005

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Anal sex, esp. for the receiving party's first time.
I wanted to get something out of the back, so Laura let me pop the trunk.
by T Hizzle April 12, 2005

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Some people use this term as a diversion when referring to cocaine, especially in the suspected presence of snitches, or nearby police officers. A lot of people are still catching onto this slang code for the yayo, but it should pick up.
Tim: Let's go bag and sniff some white girls, dude.
Scott: Sweet. Look, you have money for condoms?
Tim: Dumb ass...
by T Hizzle April 18, 2005

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This awesome movie where Al Pacino plays the Devil and owns everybody in New York City, but more importantly is taking his gangster roles in Scarface and The Godfather to a greater level of sophistication.
Holy shit! Al Pacino is so cool and bad ass, he was cast as fucking Satan.
by T Hizzle April 22, 2005

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A prisoner or recluse confined to a safe and comfortable area such as the home. The shut in lacks the capacity to regulate a stable social life as long as he or she is so confined, and in addition to a lack of healthy, natural sunlight, will usually become pale, depressed, insane, or generally pitiful in contrast to an outgoing individual. Synonymous with tight ass, worthless, stiff, and EverQuest player.
You fucking lazy piece of shit, maybe if you weren't such a shut in you'd find a nice job or a piece of ass.
by T Hizzle April 22, 2005

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