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A green man with red hair. Formerly known as little Jimmy who was lost in the jungle of Brazil. In the movie Street Fighter he was originally Charlie and Bison used some super soldier experiment on him to mutate him into a toxic crusader.
Blanka is a cheap player because of his electric attack.
by Teamrocket August 06, 2006
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An extremely drunk and obnoxious person who has lost all control. They will slur speech, fall on the dance floor, start fights, etc. This person should be considered dangerous and by no means approached. Female blankas are the worst, and have been known to attack without warning. If you come across a blanka.....well, good luck!
That girl is blanka right now...she just slapped that guy for buying her a drink.
by pmpkn October 25, 2010
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Blanca 4 up, 1 down
A white looking Spanish girl, that Changes hair color every month. Is liked by everyone and is never single. Often mistaken for another race, except Black and Asian.
dude who is that white chick?

thats Blanka and she spainish duh!
by bri326598741 March 22, 2009
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A true scrub character from the Street Fighter gaming franchise. Not only does his appearance insult any intelligent human being, but he's just a stupid, ugly, POS character design. Not only are his moves so easy a comatose patient could execute them, but they are incredibly abuseable. An overall failure.
"Hey look at this noob playing as Blanka"
by Protips909 April 24, 2009
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