The state of "helping" while high on marijuana. To be "helping" is the serious need of help because you are possibly incapacitated on the bed or are about to or have greened out.

(True story, all names have been changed)

So on a clear starry night, two buddies hung out in their basement to get high. They ordered a box of pizza for themselves, and paid the girl the wrong amount of money; still shutting the door on the delivery person.

The two buddies ate the pizza and watched TV for awhile. One of the buddies, "Dave", felt like one of his eyes was larger than the other, and was unable to see straight. He then puked up all the pizza he just ate.

Dave claimed that if he didn't physically breathe, he felt like his body was breathing for him because of all the smoke literally trapped in his lungs and therefore inflated his lungs every time he breathed out.

When Dave laid on the bed, he looked over to his friend who was high as fuck, and kept "helping" to his friend. He constantly asked for help because he thought he was going to die. Dave couldn't feel his body and was to the point where he was too lazy to move and do anything.
Person 1 - "Dduuddee, you okay?"
Person 2 - "I'm heellppiinngg, I can't do jack shit"

Dave smoked way too much weed to the point where he greened out and was "helping" all fucking night.
by Helping as ffuuucckk June 1, 2011
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i have been trapped in urban dictionary
i am running out of fresh water and i will most likely be dead by morning
send help asap

on the bright side im learning some new words
help this isnt a joke
by PintoBean2003 March 3, 2020
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if you looked this up, you've probably already seen the top definition from PintoBean2003. Why does everyone think he's joking? we have to help him he's not joking. Have we heard from him recently? Is he even still alive? Or are the secret overlords of the urban dictionary silencing us. If so, why? If you're voting, let this word in, please. And if you see it in the dictionary, the overlords must have overlooked this. We gotta help him
by General-Kenobi July 20, 2020
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When a user of TikTok finds something funny or disturbing .
"help why did he dance like that"
by eminemstan1000 February 21, 2022
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that thing you need when ur sad mad or dying in a hole screaming fuck this shit in to the endless void and want to curl up and die.

also math
i need help
what kind mental or physical?
by fierysnowflakes October 10, 2019
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