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A TV show on VH1 in which a bunch of girls compete to be Bret Michael's girlfriend. They all claim to be in love with him, but they're all idiots.
I was watching Rock of Love the other day and some dumb bitch got "Bret" tattooed on the back of her neck.
by SystemF October 7, 2007
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Ramon: Yo turtle pass me da rock!
Turtle: Chill yo, I'm takin it to the hole
by SystemF December 21, 2006
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A shirt that is very tight on someone and appears to be a couple of years old.
Carl: Yo that's a mad young tee you've got on.
Lamont: Shit, can't a brotha show off his muscles?
Carl: Yeah, but I don't see how you're breathin.
by SystemF December 21, 2006
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1. Total unfairness.
2. When the man just brings you down for no god damn reason.
3. An act of bad taste, when someone does something ghetto or rips you off in a bad away.
1. Leroy: So, you're sayin that you failed me cause I'm black? That's grimes.

2. Steve: God damn, I just got shit on by a bird, good luck my ass. Life is just grimes.

3.Leroy: Ayo Steve!
Steve: Yeah?
Leroy: Did you steal my newspaper off of my front porch again?
Steve: Well...uhh..you see.......aw damn come on man i'm not trying to pay 75 cents for this shit
Leroy: Damn man that's grimes.
by SystemF December 21, 2006
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To beat someone in a game or competition, completely destroying, owning, or shutting them out.
Rob: Yo Byron I bet you can't see me in Madden!
Byron: Motha fucka I will trash you.
by SystemF December 21, 2006
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