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Joker Please, a substitute for the more Inflammatory form used when someone is trying to scam, jive, or blow smoke.
$30 dollars to mount a new tire ?? !! Joker Please !!
by Swisher rolled tight January 13, 2021
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A group of employees that act with slowness, attitude, rudeness, tardiness, absenteeism, malevolence, contempt at customers, other employees, & management, & excessive & exaggerated bureaucracy. We Are The World Types.
The employees belonging to the implicit union were a major aggravation to deal with.
by Swisher rolled tight January 02, 2021
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Horned Jake, a icon of the Clown Coup at the nation's Capitol. When in reality he was an unemployed loser doing cosplay in a horn hat while living with his mama.
Horned Jake was a primitive, braying cartoon that played a major part in the attack on the nation's Capitol.
by Swisher rolled tight January 20, 2021
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A personal Covid-19 mask that has been used too much, and has caught too much breath.
My Breath Catcher is starting to stink & (A) Needs washed; or, (B) Needs discarded & replaced.
by Swisher rolled tight October 27, 2020
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Code word for a single person or group at a restaurant that are likely to: Not tip; Complain about the bill; Dine & Dash.
The waitress kept her eye on the Canadians for concern she would get stiffed with the bill.
by Swisher rolled tight November 09, 2020
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400 Years, an Inaccurate chant and integral part of their dogma. It neglects 155 years since the Civil War; 105 years since the Bowell Wevil infestation & migration North with 2x to 3x pay increase; 55 years since Civil Rights movement (Affirmative Action & Pell Grants); 79 years since northern WWII production employment; 70 years recent immigration from Africa; and Above average procreation rates. Let's not forget the underground railroad. So 4 to 8 million have procreated & migrated their way to 40 Million all with their hand out.
The militant crowd keeps reminding us all of how unwoke we are; and, we do not appreciate the "400 Years" of forced labor.
by Swisher rolled tight December 08, 2020
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Some big body tribes were the Dinka of South Sudan & Tutsi of Rwanda. Lil' Troy mentions pushing Big Body lyric. During slavery, stockmen, large slaves, were selected to increase size of breed.
Tyrone & Nate Dogg are buff & pushing big body. No one mess with dem.
by Swisher rolled tight October 15, 2020
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