23 definitions by Swisher rolled tight

All F-ed Out. Enough. Too much already. Extremely shagged, burnt out, no more for now. Depleted of energy & activity, or can't deal with any more effort, trouble, or hassle.
Rob wanted to go out after Sunday's football games on TV; but, I told him I was A.F.O. from Saturday night & Sunday sports.
by Swisher rolled tight October 23, 2022
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Temporary residence at friends, relative's, baby's mama's, or Ex's place where free room & board are provided until welcome worn out & move on to next flop & hideout.
Antoine usually stay at his Aunt's. No one know where he stay now.
by Swisher rolled tight October 14, 2020
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Naugahyde, a hide material from the nauga animal used to cover seats in cheesy dinette & living room furniture. It is further enhanced to look like African animals like zebra, tiger, leopard, or giraffe, etc.
Her living room looked like it was decorated for a cockroach party using furniture covered in Naugahyde.
by Swisher rolled tight June 10, 2021
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A Tar baby is a person that scams & fights & TRIES to turn around a situation with Lies, Alibis, Denial, Blame Switching, & Accusations of Racism. Best to avoid them, & their prickly stickiness. Do not show major fear as you TRY to avoid or ease away. Do NOT get excited, loud, or use the word they so rightfully Deserve.
I had already backed out of my parking spot, & this tar baby backed out without looking, & ran into my car. She started screaming it was my fault.
by Swisher rolled tight October 14, 2020
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A personal Covid-19 mask that has been used too much, and has caught too much breath.
My Breath Catcher is starting to stink & (A) Needs washed; or, (B) Needs discarded & replaced.
by Swisher rolled tight October 27, 2020
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Niggerometer, a device that measures the nigger factor of a black person. It ranges from from 0.00 for a normal black person to 1.00 for a total skeevy, ghetto nigger.
I wasn't sure about this black person; so, I used my internal niggerometer to ascertain if & how big a nigger he was.
by Swisher rolled tight June 29, 2021
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N.B.C. is not Nat. Broadcast. Co. Rather it is Ngga Be Crazy based on the wild & violent acts they show them doing on the news.
That N.B.C. doing the stuff he did.
by Swisher rolled tight March 5, 2023
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