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A Tar baby is a person that scams & fights & TRIES to turn around a situation with Lies, Alibis, Denial, Blame Switching, & Accusations of Racism. Best to avoid them, & their prickly stickiness. Do not show major fear as you TRY to avoid or ease away. Do NOT get excited, loud, or use the word they so rightfully Deserve.
I had already backed out of my parking spot, & this tar baby backed out without looking, & ran into my car. She started screaming it was my fault.
by Swisher rolled tight October 14, 2020
A general purpose word for dvk or dvk head or general exclamation. An A.P.W. (all purpose word).
Fred is a real zabada OR real zabada head OR ZABADA, ZABADA (general exclamation).
by Swisher rolled tight September 2, 2021
Code word for a single person or group at a restaurant that are likely to: Not tip; Complain about the bill; Dine & Dash.
The waitress kept her eye on the Canadians for concern she would get stiffed with the bill.
by Swisher rolled tight November 9, 2020
Temporary residence at friends, relative's, baby's mama's, or Ex's place where free room & board are provided until welcome worn out & move on to next flop & hideout.
Antoine usually stay at his Aunt's. No one know where he stay now.
by Swisher rolled tight October 14, 2020
All F-ed Out. Enough. Too much already. Extremely shagged, burnt out, no more for now. Depleted of energy & activity, or can't deal with any more effort, trouble, or hassle.
Rob wanted to go out after Sunday's football games on TV; but, I told him I was A.F.O. from Saturday night & Sunday sports.
by Swisher rolled tight October 23, 2022
A fund raiser for urban causes; and, street intersection, charity collectors for the homeless.
The Negrothon collected a few dollars for important causes.
by Swisher rolled tight October 24, 2020
reverse racism is racism directed at individuals in the majority, the haves, the man, & the system. It is not directly provoked, yet cumulative resentment. It is DENIED by victimhood minorities as to how they could perpetrate such active, targeted rancor in the opposite direction.
reverse racism is EVERYBODY in the majority is responsible for our pain, poverty, & problems. We then resent, trash talk behind their backs; or, on occasion bully, beat up, & rob them. Our other option is to resent them for not being woke & not instantly adopting our point of view.... AS IF EVERYBODY MARCHES AGAINST BIRTH DEFECTS OR CANCER ?? !! ??
by Swisher rolled tight October 24, 2020