5 definitions by Supersexybobdole

A guy who tries to impress other people by embellishing his accompishments (especially when it's completely fictional). Then when called out on the facts they leave and try to make excuses for why there is no way to verify their information.
I bet he has never even held hands with a woman, he is a LoganCherry.
by Supersexybobdole February 25, 2018
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when something so retarded happens that you are unable to structure a complete sentence to desribe what had happened
What is up with all this Deathfa in the center of the room?
by Supersexybobdole September 4, 2015
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Something so terrible and stupid that you can't even structure a coherent sentence to describe it.
"I can't understand what he is doing or thinking, He's Deathfa"
by Supersexybobdole September 7, 2015
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"A Dirty Stryder" is someone who tries so hard to be a troll that they end up making themselves synonymous with down syndrome.
"We would have gotten it done if this guy wasn't being a Dirtystryder"
by Supersexybobdole October 2, 2016
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