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Occurs when you are suddenly hungry after you smoked a couple of joints
"Yo, I got the munchies! Let's order a pizza!"
by SuperSonicX June 12, 2005
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One of the greatest films ever created. It's one of my favorite teen comedies. It doesn't necessarily have a plot, it's basically about the last day of school at a high school in a small town in Texas in 1976. The soon-to-be seniors are initiating the soon-to-be freshmen, a few friends are trying to get Aerosmith tickets, and everyone is trying to party or get stoned, drunk, or laid. Oh yeah, Dazed and Confused is definitely a cult classic, and a movie I could watch easily over a million times. Even though it's about the END of the school year, it's still fun to watch whenever. Oh, and Slater is my favorite character by far. The soundtrack is AWESOME as well, featuring songs by: Aerosmith, Foghat, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, War, ZZ Top, Peter Frampton, KISS, Steve Miller Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

This is, hands down, one of the greatest teen movies ever made. People who grew up in the 70's claim this movie captures the time perfectly, and this movie is definitely a must see. It'll make every young viewer wish they were there partying and having a good time, and every adult remember the good times they had during their teenage years. So, if you're looking for an entertaining flick to watch or want a flick that you AND your buddies will enjoy, check out "Dazed and Confused".
Dazed and Confused is a classic.
by SuperSonicX September 21, 2006
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Another word for stoned.
Guy 1: "Let's get blowed, dawg!"
Guy 2: "Word."
by SuperSonicX June 12, 2005
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The act of being anally raped by a gang in prison.
Joe was "turned out" in prison.
by SuperSonicX September 06, 2006
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The crack between your butt cheeks
Joe spread his butt crack for his boyfriend David.
by SuperSonicX July 13, 2005
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Someone you're usually not.
My alter ego's name is "Hunky Dory", and he's a social kind of guy, meanwhile, I'm a shy person.
by SuperSonicX April 13, 2005
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Yet another slang term for weed.
Do YOU smoke the reefer?
by SuperSonicX September 25, 2006
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