"ml" stands for "my love"
person1: hey ml hyd?
person 2: i'm good ml wbu?
by zariaxlover September 9, 2020
More life - typically used to wish someone a happy birthday
ML to my bro
by youngdrilla October 30, 2018
Meaningmuch love

Usually used on birthdays
ML to my bro
by Mandemslime December 30, 2021
A Marxist-Leninist, a type of Authoritarian Communism. In political science, Marxism–Leninism was the official state ideology of the Soviet Union (USSR), of the parties of the Communist International after Bolshevisation and it is the ideology of Stalinist political parties. The purpose of Marxism–Leninism is the revolutionary transformation of a capitalist state into a socialist state, by way of two-stage revolution, which is led by a vanguard party of professional revolutionaries, drawn from the proletariat. To realise the two-stage transformation of the state, the vanguard party establishes the dictatorship of the proletariat, which determines policy through democratic centralism.
If you're going to argue that any invocation of a Marxist-Leninist state is going to lead to people like Stalin becoming Strongman and taking power, then, like, that's a pretty fuckin' anti-ML take there.
by cjsnow1 August 28, 2019
Acronym for male lead. Typically used in context of a manga/drama/webtoon
"You should check out this new webtoon! The ML is so well written!"
by LesleyGoreisMyQueen September 17, 2020
This censor bot could use some ML. Its just stopped me typing U**** D*********
by Pictii November 12, 2019