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FAST Ass car... sex machine
damn that ghini
by sup May 28, 2003

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Born Feb. 16, 1942, also known as the "Dear Leader," the dictator of North Korea. Chairman of the National Defence Committee and General Secretary of the Korean Workers' Party.

While his citizens are starving (except in Pyongyang), he drinks cognac, eats lobsters, has 10,000 wines in his cellar, collects Mazda RX-7s, and sleeps with many women (he prefers occidental blondes).

Essentially, a militaristic, immoral, midget (he wears platforms to disguise his stature) worse than Bush and Hussein combined. Believes he can take on Japan and the United States (the two most powerful economies of the world, each with a considerable military). Kidnaps South Korean and Japanese people and trains them as spies. Runs several internment camps for his opponents where they are starved, tortured, and executed publicly.

One way to get him out is to get China to cooperate. Without China, North Korea will be isolated. Except China will not do this because she also dislikes the United States and Japan. What a convenient country is North Korea for China.

Another is to cut all aids and funding. Sure, his people are going to starve, but HE is the principal cause. He will once again blackmail with nuclear weapons. If he uses one on Japan or the United States, that will mark his end anyway.

Final way is to attack. But there is no chance that he can withstand a full-scale attack by the United States, with South Korean and possibly Japanese support. Then he will be forced to use his nuclear weapons. Extreme risk, but a definite way to get rid of this sociopathic imbecile.
Kim Jong-Il must go to hell
by Sup July 29, 2004

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The best band in the entire universe.
If you don't like them you are retarded.
by sup March 13, 2005

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an explosive device placed in the mail. A generally dangerous and devious thing, not to mention funny as hell.
I blew his ass up with a mailbomb
by sup October 01, 2003

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suckass body sorc, worst to ever walk this earth
even suckier then Jeff !
by sup July 04, 2003

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it mean like whats up my nizzle
whats up my nizzle fashizzle
by sup August 03, 2003

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to obtain the key
i need to jeci for this lock!
by SUP February 24, 2004

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