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Something which seems to have rendered the existence of a soul very, very unlikely, unfortunately.

Looks like this is the only life we're going to get folks.

Recent work on the brain has shown no evidence for souls, spirits, or any part of our personality or behavior distinct from the lump of jelly in our head.
by Submitters of Words June 14, 2011

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A system of ethics that evaluates acts in light of their situational context rather than by the application of moral absolutes.
Situational ethics:

Imagine you are invited to dinner at the house of a friend. You arrive, exchange polite conversation, enjoy a few appetizers and sit down at the table. Midway through the main course you suddenly begin shouting at the other guests, overturning the chairs, grab the host out of his chair and begin physically assaulting him.

That would be considered highly inappropriate behavior - unless, of course, you had just observed him choking, you took charge of the situation, instructing one guest to call for help, another to wait outside and flag down the ambulance while you cleared obstructions out of the way and administered the life-saving Heimlich maneuver.
by Submitters of Words June 13, 2011

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The correct term for someone who does not believe in the existence of Santa.

Most people above the ages of 6 or 7 years old, basically.
Most people are by default asantists, although I've met a few who believed well into their high school years!
by Submitters of Words June 22, 2011

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God, according to Republicans.
According to the Republicans, global warming is a non-issue because even if it's real, their Cosmic Babysitter will drop in and save them in the end. Yippeeeeee!
by Submitters of Words June 10, 2011

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An alternative name for the state of California.
Since the state is full of liberals, the name is appropriate.
Calibfornia is a nice place to visit, and maybe even live. My ultra-liberal cousins live there, and they're some pretty cool people, after all.
by Submitters of Words August 05, 2011

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The FSM version of the antichrist

Also known as "antipasta".
The antipasti will surely doom us all...
by Submitters of Words April 09, 2011

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Similar to the "Just keep swimming" mantra from Finding Nemo, except this applies to.. you guessed it, the caressing of the male organ.
"Just keep stroking, just keep stroking..." is nice to remember when you're in a rut and can't get any.
by Submitters of Words June 26, 2011

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