17 definition by Stutley

two men who live possibly the best lives ever, they have impossible jobs on a regular basis such as pilots, they have no training for this and drive a crazy over sized pedal car everywhere for no real reason
their amazing catch phrase "to me to you"
by Stutley August 14, 2004

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when you are truely hardcore you shalt knock by the Pimms truely the most metal of all drinks...sometimes Pimms goes turbo with gin and thus becomes Turbo Pimms
Stutley: Hey Pod lets hit the Pimmage
Pod: Word
by Stutley November 13, 2004

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A film with good pictures of guns in it
when will UKAN come back so bored
by Stutley September 05, 2003

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Probably the greatest band ever
Example-every Gig
by Stutley August 26, 2003

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An elite crime fighting team keeping the streets of north hert's safe
ok guys lets lets pull him over
by Stutley October 23, 2004

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The ulimate cruising beast 1 litre of pure power and fun
whoa thats the Chavster!!
by Stutley October 18, 2004

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the home of many legends such as elon,kliffard,fish,rob,wayne,the morrisons worker formly known as crazy jack and stutley
in letchworth
by Stutley August 19, 2003

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