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George W Bush is the 43rd president of the United States. His reign lasted for eight years (2001-2009). He was a very shitty president and a complete jackass.
As a child, George W Bush ate paint chips off of his basement wall.
by Striker122 January 04, 2010

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A horrorcore rap group consisting of 2 fat homosexuals who enjoy putting make up on each others faces.
You're not gonna convince anyone that you're a hard ass by smothering your face with paint.

Stupid ICP.
by Striker122 August 21, 2009

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A cockroach is a disgusting fucking insect that originally came from the deepest, darkest, slimiest, smelliest pits of hell.

They are an abomination!
If you end up seeing even one, JUST one, cockroach crawling around your house, then keep in mind that there are possibly hundreds more hiding inside cracks or walls.
by Striker122 May 12, 2010

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1. To get beat up or punched in the face.

2. A type of movies that portrays real people actually getting murdered, tortured and raped.
1. Jay snuffed that wannabe thug in the face.

2. I've heard that snuff films are actually a myth.
by Striker122 November 29, 2009

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In grappling competitions, a sandbagger is known as somebody who fights down his/her normal skill level in order to get easy wins.

For example: A grappler who has an intermediate skill level (2-4 years experience) will decide to drop down to fight in the novice or beginners divisions in order to sweep everyone out of the division and win the gold.
Wrestlers are usually the ones that sandbag, but other grapplers do it as well.

Regardless though, sandbaggers are pussies and should be beat for their bad deeds. :P
by Striker122 March 01, 2010

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Pronounced Shee-neh.

It's Japanese for 'die' or 'go to hell'.
Guy 1: Sorry man, I ate all the pizza... :(

Guy 2: Shineh!
by Striker122 December 03, 2009

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The most badass anime I have ever watched!
Nappa: Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level?

Vegeta: It's over 9000!!! *crushes scouter*

Nappa: What, 9000!? That can't be right! CAN IT!!!???

-DragonBall Z-
by Striker122 November 29, 2009

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