Conspiracy Theorists are large groups of underachievers who talk about unrealistic huge world-wide conspiracies, that apparently no one is aware of, except some angry kids and man-children in front of their keyboards.
Essentially, it's a way for them to feel smarter than the establishment and thus it alleviates their feelings of inferiority.
Conspiracy Theorists: "Dude you realize even Tila Tequila exposed the flat earth conspiracy theory?"

Sane Person: "She also thinks she is a clone, right?"

Conspiracy Theorists: "Holy Shit! Even more Illuminati lies exposed."

Sane Person:*Sigh*
by whitecismale (very privileged) February 3, 2016
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A person who believes that he holds the "absolute truth" and all those around who disagree with him are either naive , oblivious to the "truth" or just bought off by the clandestine organizations who pull the "strings of humanity" and manipulate events in order to achieve word domination. Such beliefs along with the feeling of persecutions could be linked to paranoia and various forms of delusion. Critical thinking should not be confused with consiracy theorism since the supreme majority of the conspiracists believe many things that are pure fiction and are more than willing to eat up everything that fits their story, even when that's debunked.
- A typical conspiracy theorist is characterized by belief in chemtrails, New World Order domination, Illuminati, zionists, freemasons and other "secret" organizations, denial of the 9/11 attacks, moonlanding, climate change and many a more.
by CorruptedSoul February 1, 2016
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Deluded person who falls for every satire article and hoax video on the internet and re-posts (usually without even reading or viewing the content themselves) it on Facebook in the belief that they are saving the world by doing so.
by Tee4 March 1, 2015
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a label created by the cia weaponized by the mass media used against any person who opposes the media narrative because there is a clear proof, doesn't trust the government/TV, uses their brain. the term is used to dismiss and insult anyone who opposes the mainstream narrative , sees behind the curtains. the term is used by brainless sheeple in denial to label people who don't believe the government or have different political views, and group them along with Qanon cult, and stupid people who believe anything in the internet. according to their logic, if someone doesn't believe or is sceptical to a mass media narrative/article and doesn't trust the government (look at the history..) and is able to think for themselves, he is a "braindead Q-anon right-wing conspiracy theorist" and the conversaton is over. the people who use that term are usually easily manipulated by the media like BBC,NBC, and is projecting on eveyone, and is unable to connect dots, or is deeply in denial. in reality, there isn't really such a thing as conspiracy theorist. the REAL BRAINDEAD CONSPIRACY THEORISTS ARE THE PEOPLE WHO TRUST THE GOVERNMENT AND TAKE THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE TV. they say "trust the science" meanwhile their science are fake doctors on the TV and fake news stations that call themselves reliable and any real news stations, fake news.
- conspiracy theorists spread dangerous misinformation and believe anything on the internet

person 1: Micheal Jackson spoke openly about music industry and mass media being fake and corrupted. then his sister on an interview said that she is sure that he was killed, confirmed that behind the music industry there are people that are pulings strings, and by saying "i wonder who's next, because it always happens in threes!" predicted another two celebrities death. when they sacrifice a celebrity, they often murder another two to make triple sacrifice and distract people from these two. that isn't the only one proof of the existence of the cabal.
person 2: proof?
person 1: here is a full interview. *link* You can check these deaths on Wikipedia
person 2: noo that's some crazy conspiracy shit i won't be watching this video go spreading dangerous medical misinformation you prolly didn't take the vaxx braindead conspiracy theorist
by t00c00lforscho00l January 23, 2022
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A person with an inconsistent set of beliefs containing a kernel of truth that attempt to explain social order by means of secret and diabolical plans by the “power elite” on a massive global and historical scale. Conspiracy theories are often propagated by individuals who have been rejected by their own intimate social circles or failed to enter their circles of choice. (Family, popularity, jobs etc.) This world view provides a dual escape. First, it explains to conspiracy theorist why they were never able to meet their full potential, albeit in an unhealthy and productive manner (i.e. the system is keeping me down and if I don’t become a recluse they’ll get me!)Secondly, it fills a void to be “in the know” and a part of group that provides a sense of intellectual superiority over their fellow man. Hence, the Achilles heel to these self-proclaimed “scholars” and google “researchers” is to question their education in any way. Unfortunately, this often puts them in a death spiral of ignorance because the only knowledge they will consider to be legitimate are those “sources” that confirm their own destructive bias; further expelling them into the darkness of their own paranoid imaginations.
Conspiracy Theorist: Hey man isn’t the FED evil
Normal guy or girl: Well, I do think the measures they are taking to stimulate the economy through open market operations are unprecedented. I just hope it doesn't have any unintended consequences like the kind of asset inflation we saw in the housing market after they lowered interest rates to pull us out of the dot com bubble.

Conspiracy Theorist: Debt slavery bro, did you know they are thinking of bugging us to make sure we become materialist drones in order to make the Rothschild’s even richer! Why do you think Obama had a closed door meeting with the FED chair? Think about it dude, don’t be a sheep.
Normal guy or girl: Yeah..maybe (walks away)
by Hello World October 6, 2014
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A slur created by our lizard overlords.
Person 1: “Wow look at that conspiracy theorist
Person 2: “Fam I prefer the term enlightened theoristic”
by TabbyRaider67 December 22, 2021
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