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An emo chick with a semi-attractive face who posts her profile on friendster, all-the-while failing to show the fact that even though she may have a alright face, she's the size of a bloated rhinocerous.

Used primarily as an insult regardless of actual physical characteristics.

(Taken from the Pitboss 2000 song of the same name.)
"For some reason, foodsters are really starting to attract me..."

"Dude, I seriously hope what you meant to say was, 'I'm gay'!"
by Straight Up February 19, 2004
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A blend of hardcore and metal music that evolved in the mid-to-late 90's with bands like Unbroken, Earth Crisis, Harvest, Endeavor, Poison The Well and Unearth. There is a liberal use of breakdowns in the music and the lyrical themes range from the political to the personal.

Often associated with the nu hardcore and fashioncore scenes.
"Bleeding Through is a present-day metalcore act."
by Straight Up June 18, 2004
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False hardcore. The relation between hardcore and nu-hardcore is the same as the relation between real metal acts like Testament and Suffocation and nu-metal shit like Korn and Godsmack.
"This nu-hardcore is absolutely worthless."
by Straight Up June 18, 2004
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To forcibly yank, pull, tug, etc. an object.
"Hah, that car door snapped like a twig!"

"Given the way you were reefin' on it, little wonder."
by Straight Up June 18, 2004
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A style of guitar riff used in Hardcore (punk) music that consists of a single note being chugged slowly for maximum heaviness and brutality. Different rhythms and numbers of strums are used in a repeated fashion for usually 2 to 4 bars in length. Written equilivent: JUD-JUD, JUD-JUD, JUDJUDJUDJUD, JUD-JUD, JUD-JUD ...and so forth.

Great for hardcore dancing.
by Straight Up February 19, 2004
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Stunna empire is the top truck group around

"Stunna empire" is known for getting all the hoes at a truck meet, they also have the best trucks in the game.
Dope illustrations pulls up to Daytona and quickly realize their girl just left them for a dude with stunna empire on his back glass!
Stunna empire is the best around...
by Straight Up September 29, 2020
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