(1) A structure made by sessile marine invertebrates knows as Corals, usually mostly by small polyped scleractinian corals such as Acropora or Montipora.

(2) A slang term for Marijuana: Cannabis

(3) A term meaning pulling on something forcefully.
(1) As Bob swam over the Acropora reef, he couldn't help but notice the abundance of Blue reef chromis.

(2) "Hey, I heard the cops arrested Jhonny because he was selling reef. I can't believe he would do such a thing."

(3) "Stop reefing on that pencil, or you will break it"
by Fish-Guy July 13, 2006
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"Lord knows im weak, Wont somebody get me off this reef"

"badfish - Bradley nowell"
by BJB June 18, 2004
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"To reef", is a sailing term which means to lower or bunch the sails up in anticipation of a strong and dangerous wind.
It would require pulling on a rope which would have been made of hemp (oh yeah, same stuff, it made good rope as well) thus the terms "reef the sails", or, "reef her up", or even cowboy slang meaning to jerk harshly on a rope when team roping.
Reefer as far as convenience store Coca-Cola goes must mean a refill, hardly as colorful a term.
Talk about dumbing down.
Once the rope goes around its horns, reef it up and get your dallies in.
by Magwaffen November 23, 2012
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To forcibly yank, pull, tug, etc. an object.
"Hah, that car door snapped like a twig!"

"Given the way you were reefin' on it, little wonder."
by Straight Up June 18, 2004
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The fat kid that eats all your food and picks on the skinny kid. He makes fun of being fat so you can't, mates with everyone.
Me: Hey Reef.
Reef: Give me all your food
by Gino the royal filipino June 01, 2018
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