(1) A structure made by sessile marine invertebrates knows as Corals, usually mostly by small polyped scleractinian corals such as Acropora or Montipora.

(2) A slang term for Marijuana: Cannabis

(3) A term meaning pulling on something forcefully.
(1) As Bob swam over the Acropora reef, he couldn't help but notice the abundance of Blue reef chromis.

(2) "Hey, I heard the cops arrested Jhonny because he was selling reef. I can't believe he would do such a thing."

(3) "Stop reefing on that pencil, or you will break it"
by Fish-Guy July 13, 2006
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The best type of friend. He’s loving and caring and he’s super funny and will always be there for you. He’s the type of guy every girl wants to know and loves. After knowing him for a while you may start to catch feelings for him. He’s the type of guy you never want to loose because you love him so much ❤️🙄
Crush: hi😉
Me: omg he looks like my new reef😍❤️😂
by Kyleigh_Clark;) September 29, 2019
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A dedicated smoke-spot where marijuana is consumed on the daily
"Hey man, you gonna be at the reef tonight?"
by distantshot December 1, 2014
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Reef is an amazing guy. He is very musically talented. He is usually very tall with brown hair and light brown eyes. He has a very large penis and can make you breathless in bed. He can take your heart away but once your heart gets broken by a reef you’ll wish you were dead. If you have a Reef in your life then never let him go you will regret it
I met a Reef last night😍
by Anonymous198263 April 3, 2019
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To forcibly yank, pull, tug, etc. an object.
"Hah, that car door snapped like a twig!"

"Given the way you were reefin' on it, little wonder."
by Straight Up June 19, 2004
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A word used whilst you burp.
You've just drank all that soda! Soda drinker: REEF
by Mike Southrop June 14, 2021
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(name) Reefs are usually very smart, caring, and a great person overall. Despite stealing your food at lunch, Reefs are always there for you and usually end up finding someone that will stay with them forever. Reefs usually deal with their mental and emotional struggles by burying them alive or exploding in a mess of emotions. Even though Reefs are sometimes hard to handle, they are amazing and will be there for you forever. If you found a Reef, you are lucky.
Bro, I love Reef
by Coral_System November 19, 2019
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