The unholy fusion of a FOODIE and a HIPSTER. Persons that need to be annoyingly cool about using non-mainstream ingredients or techniques while cooking.
Foodster: So, I made this vegan amouse-bouche with raw macadamia butter waffers and azuki beans, covered in coconut oil, but everybody was so ignorant that they didn't appreciate it.
Friend: Dude, you are just a foodster.
by alect0 May 06, 2010
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An emo chick with a semi-attractive face who posts her profile on friendster, all-the-while failing to show the fact that even though she may have a alright face, she's the size of a bloated rhinocerous.

Used primarily as an insult regardless of actual physical characteristics.

(Taken from the Pitboss 2000 song of the same name.)
"For some reason, foodsters are really starting to attract me..."

"Dude, I seriously hope what you meant to say was, 'I'm gay'!"
by Straight Up February 19, 2004
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Basically a food instigator. Someone in a group who is the first to mention they're hungry, craving and gets other's started on food discussion.

food instigator
"Now that you mentioned you're in the mood for flan, thanks for being tonight's foodstuh/foodster."
by Ratbastid87 April 23, 2018
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