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Brojob is an American deathcore band made up of band members who are all a mystery, their lyrical themes circle around gay sex, blowjobs and other homosexual things, originally started as a joke band, they gained insane popularity in the metal community and have hundreds of thousands of fans. Examples of Brojob songs inclue “Talk Shit Get Kissed”, “Tickle War”, “Erection Injection”, “Teenie Weenie”, and “The Birds And The Brees”. They released their debut album “Talk Shit Get Kissed” in 2018 with 12 songs. Go give them a listen if you’re a metalhead and you want a huge laugh... or a huge cock 😂🤘🏻
Example A: “Hey, have you heard the new Brojob song Trevor”? “Fuck yeah dude, Tickle War goes hard as fuck”.

Example B: “Brojob is the most brutal and gay deathcore band of the last 10,000 years”.
by StonerGod420 February 28, 2018
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The sexual fetish for poop. People with this fetish are most commonly sexually aroused by performing the act of or watching someone poop their pants, poop in their hand, poop on someone, eating poop, and other things. People with this fetish are also very commonly simply sexually attracted to the sight, scent and texture of poop. While it is a very taboo fetish and it seems small-scale, coprophilia is actually a surprisingly common fetish. And it’s a surprisingly popular sub-genre of porn. If anyone who reads this has this fetish or for some reason wants to see what the hell it’s all about, there are over 20 scat porn blogs on tumblr to peak your interest. Unlike most of the definitions on here, I actually wasted my time researching this fetish to benefit whoever might come across this.
Example A: “Kaitlyn took a massive shit on my chest last night, I came so hard, it was so hot and her shit smelled so rotten and intoxicating”

Example B: “I have a poop fetish, will you shit in my hand”?

Example C: “Alan gets turned on by watching his girlfriend poop her panties”.

Example D: “John has really been getting into coprophilia recently, it’s pretty strange”.
by StonerGod420 January 03, 2018
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Singlehandedly one of the worst years in the entire history of the planet Earth. It started with a pandemic that caused everyone in the world to get quarantined into their homes, and was followed by millions of people losing their jobs, causing unemployment to skyrocket, wildfires all across the west coast of the USA, murder hornets, movie cancellations, the death of the live music concert, all students in the high school graduating class of 2020 to have one of the most important parts of their lives taken away from them and replaced with livestreams. Oh, Donald Trump also singlehandedly almost caused World War III before the covid-19 pandemic even started. If you are alive and reading this in the year 2020, I genuinely feel sorry for you. You're honestly much better off learning about this in your middle school history class 30 years from now.
Example A: "Dude fuck 2020, coronavirus literally ruined my life".

Example B: "I lost my job because of this stupid pandemic. I'm lucky I can just barely afford to pay my rent every month. I just want 2020 to end".
by StonerGod420 October 26, 2020
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The biggest scam in history. The first 1-2 years is basically just interactive cutscenes then it's 16 years of learning mostly unimportant information that you probably won't remember then you get to spend about another 40-55 years after that paying taxes, working for less than a living wage and waiting to die.

Life is not beautiful, it's pointless.
"In case you've forgotten, here's how things work. I order the food, you cook the food, then the customer gets the food. We do that for 40 years, and then we die". -Squidward Tentacles

"Life is pointless, but at least I have Bo Burnham's comedy specials to make the sad, harsh reality that I was thrusted into this world without consent and now I have to be a slave to society for the next 76-82 years not seem so dark and gloomy".
by StonerGod420 August 12, 2021
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Stoners are people who smoke a ton of weed. They are relaxed, nice, caring, humble and down to earth people. Stoners make great friends and most commonly have a wonderful outlook on life and a intense love for positive vibes. Let’s be honest, being sober is boring. Come get high with me and see how beautiful the world really is.
“Dude, Jordan is such a massive stoner, he smokes pot every single day. I don’t think you understand, he’s always high”.
by StonerGod420 January 04, 2018
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Skrrt is a slang term that was first popularized in the mid 2010s during the boom in the of popularity of Soundcloud rappers. It first started as just a very commonly used ad-lib amongst rappers to mimic the sound a racecar or sports car makes when it drifts around a corner. But it has since also become quite a popular slang phrase in the time since then. Now, people also use "skrrt" for things like expressing excitement, saying it as a joke to refer to getting out of an awkward or uncomfortable situation quickly, and emphasizing the importance of having to leave for an event immediately. This term, like most other slang terms is most commonly used by millenials and gen-z kids. You won't ever really hear someone from gen-x or a baby boomer say "skrrt", but if you do you should probably try to make friends with them because they're more than likely pretty damn cool.
Example A: "Drunk in the whip, I love a joyride (SKRRT)"! -Any Soundcloud rapper that released music between 2015 & 2018.

Example B: "I saw my ex at the grocery store yesterday, I didn't hesitate to skrrt the fuck outta there. I don't got time for that bullshit".

Example C: "Cmon bro, quit wasting time! This party starts in 30 minutes we gotta skrrt"!
by StonerGod420 August 12, 2021
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