An obsession with poop. To the point where you look at poo, collect poo and use it in sentences too much. One Symptom may also be googling poop more than once a day.
''she was obbsessed with poop.... her history was filled with it!..she must have a poop fetish! "
by poop bomb March 22, 2012
basically, where you want to stick your pork sword into a steamy pile of dooky. Mainly because you're just that awesome. And you are related to the two girls in that one cup movie. :D
Chris: I'm so Asian.

Garrett: Oh dear.

Chris: What?

Garrett: You asians are known for you poop fetish ways. You bastards...
by Von Mannshaft October 27, 2008
a extreme gay poop fetish is a fetish where gay people have an extreme poop fetish,
oh my god i have an extreme poop fetish

that cool
extreme poop fetishized cool
extreme poop fetish is where u have an extreme poop fetish
by seer July 6, 2021