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The (upper and lower) curves of a woman's body.
Black-Eyed-Peas-Fergie's humps are off the hook.
by Stiffmeister October 20, 2005

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Maybe the most common loserish misspelling of loser.
Me: Loosers are losers.
by Stiffmeister December 11, 2005

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aka (euphemistically) pain in the butt. A true pain, something damn boring, annoying, offending, labored, troublesome, exhausting or if something just extraordinarily sucks!
Has gotten 'popular' thru J.D. Salinger's catcher in the rye, said various times by the story's main character Holden.
Me: Dude, this math test was a royal pain in the ass!!
Geek: How come I aced it?- $20 from my dad...
by Stiffmeister February 23, 2005

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deriving from catharsis; causing catharsis. Providing relief (of anger, suffering etc.) thru the open expression of strong feelings.
Performing has a truly cathartic effect on my labile emotional state of mind.
by Stiffmeister November 18, 2005

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noun relating to cathartic. Introduced by Aristotle meaning the process of relieving strong feelings eg thru drama or other artistic activities, targeting provision of relief from anger or suffering.
Actor's or artist's state of mind may go thru catharsis while they're on the set shooting a emotionally intense movie after a break up in private life.
by Stiffmeister November 18, 2005

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Spanish for "my people", talking to or about people close to them, which can be family members, but normally ain't. Mostly used by chicanos or other hispanics in the sense of "my homies", "my hood" (mi barrio) in the streets of major, latin-impacted cities in the US, like LA or MIA.
What??? Those mofos from the valley want trouble??? I'mma holla at mi gente to get some backup from the barrio in East LA asap!
by Stiffmeister January 13, 2006

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Originally referring to the australian way to say 'alrite', meanwhile gotten more and more popular in the US too. Especially introduced to the US by african-americans and surfer-dudes.
American: Dude, u gonna come surfing the mavs later?
Aussie: Aight mate, sounds like a plan.
by Stiffmeister January 10, 2005

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