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Term used as a "cheat code" for Starcraft. Allows the player to see the entire map.
After typing "Black Sheep Wall"
Brian was able to see the entire map, including the zergling rush about to devour his army.
by Stevie Wonder on Crack October 23, 2004

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The newest member of the iPod line. Consisting of a white plastic bar with a wheel and the shuffle button, it is mainly geared towards the low end user. Offered in 500MB and 1GB models costing 99 and 150 dollars respectively.
Clyde had always wanted to get an iPod, but they were far too expensive for his lifestyle, until the iPod shuffle was released
by Stevie Wonder on Crack January 11, 2005

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One of the biggest constant flamewars outside of Usenet. Just comment on a news article about any thing remotely connected with race and/or ethnicticity and be prepared for the flames all night.
Most news stories on Yahoo News serve as flamebait for the Yahoo Message Board.
by Stevie Wonder on Crack March 02, 2005

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Closely related to prom and homecoming. Our best intelligence estimates believe that this is a sort of "reverse" engineering of the basic promenade system, where the chicks ask the guys out for a dance.
Hot damn! Agent Johnson is down again! He was last seen at the Lafayette turnabout!
by Stevie Wonder on Crack January 25, 2005

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A euphemism for masturbation.
My interests include: Model Rocketry
by Stevie Wonder on Crack October 21, 2007

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Malady characterized by extreme anticipation of Halo 2. Symptoms may include bumrushing EB Games at midnight for a copy of the game. Side affects may include playing the damn game until 4 in the morning and showing up to school with bleeding eyes.
Brian curesed himself for participating in that Midnight Madness, for he could no longer see and had just failed a AP Lit interpretation
by Stevie Wonder On Crack November 09, 2004

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an entity made of fecal matter. Supposedly supports pro-choice politicians and slacks off while supposed to do big ass research project.
Emily: You support abortion?! You poomonster!
by Stevie Wonder on Crack October 17, 2004

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