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A term made up by leader of the hate group r/hapas on reddit by Eurasian Tiger. A person who deeply hates white/Asian couples and idolizes Elliot Rodger, a hapa serial killer.

The term is meant to encourage hate and terrorism as Elliot Rodger inflicted in the 2014 Isla Vista massacre.
"The Hapacalypse is a term to encourage terrorism and hate."
by StarChiId July 15, 2017
A phase to ridicule someone to suggest one is acting like a wild dog off one's leash and one should go home back to their owner (spouse).

This term is often used by Karens to belittle people they see as a nuisance.
You're acting inappropriate and you need to go home.
by StarChiId July 16, 2020
He wasn't just an alpha-male, he was the AlphaChad.
by StarChiId January 7, 2020
When a specific racial or ethnic group is chosen to represent all minorities to the exclusion of all other minority groups.
The movie used one type of people as the standard minority, so it felt disingenuous.
by StarChiId October 19, 2018
Chad in slang use is a nickname for an attractive, popular man, typically athletic who is sexually successful with women.

Often viewed as the alpha male, Chad has a strong connection with nature, strength and dominance. Originally the term Chad in slang use dates back to the height of the surfer scene in California where the name Chad became known as a surfer in touch with nature.
"There's Chad with the most popular girl in school. Chad has it all."
by StarChiId August 12, 2017
The guy that's sleeping with your girlfriend.
The name should be used sparingly as it's a power aphrodisiac to women.

Universally hated by SJWs for being the pinnacle of glorious masculinity.
"Did you see that cute guy, Chad?"

"Why did you mention him? I'm all wet now."
by StarChiId January 7, 2020