ha•pa (hä’pä) adj. 1. Slang. of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry. n. 2. Slang. a person of such ancestry. {der./Hawaiian: hapa haole. (half white)}
by Hapa Project September 19, 2005
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1; Of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asian and/or Pacific Islander ancestry. 2; If an individual has one parent whom is Asian/Pacific Islander, and one parent whom is of an ethnicity outside of Asian/Pacific Islander, they would generally be considered Hapa. 3; Damn good looking people
Tina: God I love Hapa guys

Jennifer: Who doesn't?
by oakland bob fred April 22, 2008
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hapa is a hawaiian word that was originally part of the full phrase: hapa haole, which was a derogatory term for someone half hawaiian and half "white foreigner." Today, the phrase has been shortened to simply "hapa" and genreally refers to anyone part Asian or Pacific Islander and, generally, part caucasian. However, the definition of "hapa" has come more and more to mean "half" or "of mixed blood" in which case many different racial combinations are beginning to fall under the umbrella of "hapa".
white + asian = hapa
by i_am_hapa January 4, 2005
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My experience? Ask ten language experts the same question and you'll get at least five answers.... But, here are my two cents.

Others are correct by posting that the word, "hapa", is only the first part of the original, "hapa haole" -- a term that is mostly misunderstood and subsequently, mistranslated.

Firstly, "hapa" is not a Hawaiian word; it is the Hawaiian pronunciation of the English word, "half". There are only a few consonants in the Hawaiian language and they do not include "f." Secondly, the word, "haole (which is a Hawaiian word)" translates to "foreign" -- not necessarily "Caucasian". If one were to be called, "hafu gaijin" in Japan that would carry an almost identical meaning: "half-foreign". Yes, language evolves and meanings change but -- strictly speaking -- anyone who is not Hawaiian is "haole". Even Asians.
"I'm hapa."

"Really? Where's the rest of you?"
by 7Tigers December 26, 2015
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It literally means half in Hawaiian. It was originally meant to describe someone who was part Hawaiian, part whatever. But the term hapa has come to mean half asian, half white to a lot of people.
She's hapa haole" (a common term in hawaii that means half white).
by riceflower January 16, 2004
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"Half" in the Hawaiian language. Originally used to describe someone who was half-Hawaiian but came to more prominently refer to someone who's half-Asian or Pacific Islander. Increasingly used to describe people who are of any racial mix, but this is still generally misunderstood as referring to a half-Asian; also, increasingly used to describe people who are of a partial Asian ancestry, e.g three quarters non-Asian, one quarter Asian. However, the term is fairly recent, and many hapas would not necessarily know that you are referring to them if you were to describe them as hapa.

Some hapas have tried to claim that the use of the term is equivilant to nigga in the black community, i.e. that one hapa can refer to another as hapa and it is good, but a non-hapa cannot, and it would be insulting. Most other hapas think these people are retards and are just happy to have something that isn't as patronizing as halfie or halvsie and easier to say than half-Chinese/Japanese/Korean/whatever.
"If Magnus Karlsson and Yuki Fujiwara have a kid together, it'll be hapa."

"My dad is Chinese and my mom is black, and so I'm hapa."

"Did you know that Karen is a hapa? I had no idea, but I guess I can see it now."
by don_tardo December 27, 2006
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A mixed-race person of Asian descent. Chinese-German, Japanese-Black, Chinese-Vietnamese, Korean-Japanese, Mexican-Korean, Filipino-Welsh, are all possible Hapa combinations.

Mother might be Asian, father might be non-Asian, or vice-versa.

Hapa children might be hot as hell, or butt-ugly.

Hapa's aren't "half" of anything--how could anyone be "half" of something?
by aintnowarbaby November 30, 2003
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