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The post apocalyptic event that involves Eurasian kids who will gather up and rise up against their white supremacist fathers with Asian tiger mothers, who are also known as 'fetish couples' or WMAF's for short... Mainly famous for the hapa forums on Reddit, sons and daughters of WMAF pairings will constantly bash and humiliate their hateful, racist, insecure, mentally ill, brainwashed, abusive parents online...... but when given the chance they will band together and protest on the streets, annoying other WMAF fetish couples, who will eventually break up and fear the power of the Eurasian tigers...
Eurasian: See those white supremacist men with their Asian tiger wives getting constantly bashed and humiliated on the streets, this my friends is the sign of the 'hapacalypse'!
by Jihadi Jho July 13, 2017
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A term made up by leader of the hate group r/hapas on reddit by Eurasian Tiger. A person who deeply hates white/Asian couples and idolizes Elliot Rodger, a hapa serial killer.

The term is meant to encourage hate and terrorism as Elliot Rodger inflicted in the 2014 Isla Vista massacre.
"The Hapacalypse is a term to encourage terrorism and hate."
by StarChiId April 18, 2018
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