21 definition by Stan West

A very Gay and annoying asian person who clears his throat a lot while trying to get you to do his work for him then complains to management that you aren't doing your job.
That Qui was over here shopping out his work again, we'll be in meetings with HR at the start of the week.
by Stan West August 20, 2004

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An Indian immagrant to the US that thinks they deserve the best.
Koushick is a roshnai, he deserves the Camry
by Stan West September 19, 2003

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At Microsoft, this is the only relevant question. As seen on the now infamous brick in front of the CLT support center.
This question has to do with feckless social climbers and empire builders who haven't an ounce of character but consider themselves better than anyone else in the world.
Before anyone could leave without him, Amanjot raised his arms in indignation and defiance; WWCM? he shouted, as if everyone in the world was obligated to do his bidding and make sure he had exactly what he wanted.
by Stan West May 22, 2006

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a hadji or Indian that has come to the U.S. for money and makes friends based on how they can improve his ability to get ahead.
Manisha is just sleeping with him so she can get a promotion. She's such a kowshit to try to get ahead.
by Stan West July 02, 2004

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An Asshole on the highway or interstate who insists on getting in front of you no matter how many people he has to kill to do it. Usually it's just a compulsion of many inexperienced yankee agressive drivers who think that by following you and arriving a second and a half later to their destination their lives will somehow be ruined or at least irrepairably damaged. They must get in front of you at all cost, or bob & weave inches from your rear bumper until they do. These are the same people you usually see in handcuffs being escorted to the back of the patrol car after they've caused a major accident.
They are the cool, beutiful people who think that a) the world owes them a living, b) normal laws of physics somehow don't apply to them.
Todd could not understand why the judge sentenced him to 150 hours of community service after he rear ended that family of four with his beamer. They simply should have let 'me go' (mego) first he kept insisting all through his trial.
The next day, in his new Volvo, Todd was killed when he tried to drive up under a slow moving dump truck that had braked suddenly on the highway.
Poor dumbass!
by Stan West December 15, 2005

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A hadjimobile. The car most preferred by Indian h1b visa holders who come to the U.S. to steal technology jobs.
kowshit tailgated everyone on the highway in his new Camry because he considered himself too important to have to change lanes.
He told the arresting officer that he was an Indian programmer on an H1b visa and therefore not subject to our laws.
by Stan West October 29, 2004

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1) A terrorist's car.
2) A car for people who can't quite afford a real yuppie car.
3) A car for people who think that they deserve more than what they have, but can't quite justify it. i.e: lower to middle level managers who got their jobs to keep them away from important processes & relationships that they tend to destroy.
1) Ahmed wired the semtex to the underside of his Saab before driving into the train station.
2) But daddy, I really wanted a beamer! All my friends have beamers, and we were going to make a beamer circle around the mall. I might as well be driving mom's volvo, except for the dents and dried blood from all the people she's hit.
3) Yesterday I told bill that he's have to start coming in late occasionally because my quarterly report has space for things that need improvement and I can't think of anything to put there. So, I told him to buy a Saab.
by Stan West July 09, 2005

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