used as slang by troops in Iraq to describe an Iraqi citizen. Usually used in an offensive context. Also spelled Hajji, because noone can make up thier minds which is correct.
Hadji is actually a term of respect for muslims who have made the piligrmage to Mecca and completed the "Hajj". Those who have completed the Hajj often have Hajj added as a prefix to thier name when being formally addressed.
I don't trust those fucking hadjis, they wave at you one day and shoot at you the next.
by Kelley March 20, 2004
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noun/proper noun
(origins) American soldiers of the Second Persian Gulf War report that this derogatory and semi-racist term for arabs may have originated with the cartoon character 'Hadji' from the 1964 television cartoon series 'Jonny Quest'.(Released to DVD September, 2004) Hadji, a dark-skinned, turban wearing, south-indian sidekick with mystical powers was also a main character in the 1996 series 'The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest'
'hadji' is used as a singular, plural, and proper noun
by dave cole April 12, 2005
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She was giving me a hadji, and her roommate just happened to walk in the door.
by Mike Monsport September 30, 2007
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During Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003, US Marines Stationed at Camp Coyote (Iraq/Kuwait Border) used the term to distinguise between the enemy and friendly forces.

Because Kuwait has a majority of its population from India for its labor force, Hadji was used to identify the Indians (Friends) from the Muslims.

This word originated from the cartoon character 'Hadji' from the 1964 television cartoon series 'Jonny Quest'. Hadji was a dark-skinned, turban wearing, south-indian sidekick. As Hadji was Jonny Quest's companion, so were the Indian workers that provided camp labor support; including cooking, laundry, waste removal, etc.

As new troops began to arrive in Kuwait, they saw the original troops calling "dark-skin people" Hadji and assumed the term was meant for ALL people in the region.

After the start of the war, "Hadji" became the new derogatory slur for the enemy by April 2003.

The term was later changed again to identify all Muslims in the area after the inital invasion ended and new replacement troops began to occupy the region.
Where is that hadji with our laundry?
by The Real Scaldabanco July 25, 2010
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A racial slur generally used by members of the US Armed Forces to describe the indigenous peoples of the Arabic countries they occupy during time of war. Also used to describe anyone of the various Muslim or Hindu faiths.
Hey Jimmy, how many hadjis did you snipe today?
by hot_temprd2 January 24, 2008
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U.S. Army Rangers combat medics refer to the resuscitation "CPR" mannequin used in medical training as "Hadji".
Ranger Medic: Wipe that spit off of Hadji's mouth before the next Ranger has to try CPR you idiot!

Ranger Combat Life Support Trainee: Huwah!
by Vash Kranfeld September 1, 2009
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In soccer: to punt the ball as hard as you can towards an open and easy goal, only to find your strike sailing over the crossbar by a country mile and ending up forty-one rows behind the goal. The higher the ball goes, the louder one should exclaim.
"HADJI!" - Mr Ben, upon witnessing David Beckham's penalty against Portugal during Euro 2004.
by Mr Ben February 7, 2005
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