4 definitions by Sputnik

Timeslot Propagation Statistics (TPS) reports - how you account to your boss for what you've been doing all day.
For lawyers it is the same as so-called "billable hours".
by Sputnik September 9, 2004
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An apple used as a pipe to smoke marijuana or other plants.
by Sputnik November 1, 2003
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spanish for "I love you"...often used when seducing. When foreign language is used, it makes it seem more sensual and thoughtful
by Sputnik November 12, 2003
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l33T pH0|2 D0m1n4T10n

4L50 0wnzed, 45 in "s33 D4t? 1 0wnzed jo 455!!!"
by Sputnik October 3, 2003
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