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Jesus version 2.0, the second coming.
Jesus II, THIS time, it's personal.
by Sponge April 11, 2006

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refer to pornography
apparently there is pornographic material on the internet, shocking i know.
by Sponge August 10, 2004

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A finger strategically placed in Redstone's rectum.
Redstone got dekothed behind a quickie mart by a prison escapee in the backseat of his sunfire.
by Sponge March 07, 2005

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adjective; in incompetent fool making a mess of everything and can do nothing right what-so-ever, even have sex.
our president, W Bush is a complete buttfuck
by sponge May 21, 2004

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A particularly nasty version of this cannot be used to fight the funk
Homsar - Can't fight the funk with a nasty dunk
by Sponge July 15, 2004

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