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Good mother fuckin' ice tea.
Spence: Eh Yo', I'm drinking Lipton's, what you drinkin B?
Pete: Nestea...
Spence: FUCK YOU!
by Splancer September 19, 2006

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Pronounced: dry
To be high and drunk at the same time.
Spence: Hey man, let's get high!
Mike: No man, let's get drunk!
Pete: No guys, let's get drigh!!
by Splancer January 19, 2006

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best fucking rock band EVER!!
Spence: Man, did you go to the Collective Soul concert last nite?
Rob: No, they suck
Spence: Fuckin' chink
by Splancer January 19, 2006

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It could have been worse.
Spence: man, i was bangin' my chick last nite, got up to piss, tripped over the dog and broke my boner.

Mike: dude that bites ass, but it's no Katrina
by Splancer October 11, 2005

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When it's winter above +0 C/+32 F. Perfect enough to have a smoke and not freeze your fuckin hands off.
Weather Man: ...and it should be a faboulus day outside, as we're expecting some smokers luck for all you cancer stick lung suckers.
by Splancer December 15, 2006

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slang for crystal meth
Pete: dude i am so bored...
Spence: man, i got some draino in the backyard we can mix with some medicine that would make some good huffin' creamer!
Pete: man Spence, if it wasnt for you; i'd still be in school.
by Splancer October 20, 2005

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When you take a shit and it burns for the whole fuckin day
Pete: Dude what's wrong with you? You've been walkin funny all day.

Spence: Guy, I've had brass all day... give me a fuckin break!
by Splancer January 02, 2007

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