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The down-tuned nu metal sound is simply absurd. The strings are down so low they are virtually hanging off the neck, leaving a woolly, indistinct barrage of black noise. QUIT TRYING TO BE SOMEONE. Only kick ass rock like Motley Crue's which the entire Dr. Feelgood set was tuned down to D for added power.
Samples, DJs, scratching, and all that lameness: Please! Is it rock or dance? Aside from the sheer lack of creativity involved in samples, the whole vibe of rock 'n' roll with its jamming and unpredictability is removed in a sea of computer-generated mechanical perfection. And while DJ-ing may be quite a skill (debate that elsewhere), to class DJs as musicians is pretty laughable. Anyway, all that stuff is just nauseating. AND their use of loops is simply down to bad musicianship. Losers.
Stupidity: If you asked me to describe any nu metal band in ten words, intelligent would not be one of them. Not would it be if you gave me 1000 words. This manifests itself in the lyrics, where Durst et al, too dense to think of anything to actually say, simply swear for four minutes in a time in a bid to persuade us that they are hard. It's not working, mate.
Melody vs. rap: One problem with guitars tuned sub-sonically low… no one can sing over them. Besides which, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and co. couldn't carry, let alone write, a tune to save their lives. So instead they rap, all very well except that rap depends on a) clever lyrics and b) diverse instrumentation. So with the same beat and essentially same feel, structure, and sound to every song, it is fair to say that all nu metal is in fact one song.
Lack of stage presence: It always startles me how much the members of Stain'd have in common with The Thunderbirds in their on stage movements.
Manufactured: Rock & roll is about rebellion. It is about independence, freedom, and attitude. So a band that is controlled, nay, manufactured by the record company is surely against the spirit of rock & roll. Indeed, it is not unfair to point out that manufactured rock & roll is an oxymoron -- a CONTRADICTION IN TERMS. In other words, these complete idiots posing as rock & rollers are puppets to the industry, simply a cynical, money-making scam which the record companies create and we are supposed to follow like sheep. Then MTV play them relentlessly, selecting the bands that suit the MTV, politically-correct, plastic and unthreatening (to them) way, at the same time rejecting other artists putting out quality product… the record companies and MTV work together to tell you what to listen to. Are you going to let them do that?
FIBI (For Idiots By Idiots): No real comment necessary here (but here's one anyway) ever noticed the lame audiences nu metal attracts? And the way they dress
Nu Metal blows. Slipknot is one of them.

No, 13 masked jackasses who scream shit, from podunk Iowa aren't cool.
by Spartans! December 02, 2004
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Short for 106.7 The Drive, this is by far thee worst radio station in history. They claim to "Shut up and rock" when they really don't. Sure, they play alot of songs, but that's because they suck and aren't as good as Drew & Mike. Also, they play the gayest "rock" songs like that gay ass, pussy smashmouth song, phil collins, and the breakfast club bullshit. GOD! THAT'S NOT ROCK! Also, they claim to be "Detroit's official Motley Crue station" when the only Crue tune they play is Smoking In The Boy's Room, LAME. No fags, WRIF is Detroit's Motley Crue station because they interviewed Crue back in 1980 before they got huge! God I hate 106.7. Fuck those idiots!
Hehe, Gen X Mike on 106.7 The Drive and it's fans are a bunch of fags!
by Spartans! February 02, 2005
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NOT A STUPID BAND. THEY AREN'T ROCK. A good ol Chevrolet Chevelle. Thee top end model of a Chevy Malibu. One of the greatest cars, ever. DETROIT MUSCLE
My brother's 70 Chevelle SS will blow the doors of your gay import.
by Spartans! January 08, 2005
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The greatest rock, ever. Actually had talent unlike that shit called grunge. Hair metal was all about bangin' brauds, drinkin, makin' alot of money, having a great time, kicking ass, having fun and rockin'! Then that loser Cobain ruined it, and killed himself because he's a loser. Fuck Seattle. No, they didn't kill hair metal at all retards, hair metal was kickin' ass since '81 and decided to take a little break in '92, and are now back, kickin' ass again! No grunge band can ever comeback. Motley Crue is the greatest.
Hair metal has been crowned the new king!
by Spartans! November 08, 2004
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Or Cameldeans, these loud ass fucks think they are hard asses from Detroit, when they aren't. They are spoiled little shits who are dumber than rocks. Your daddy own a gas station and doesn't pay taxes, now get the fuck out of here. They think they're black, when they aren't. Black people hate them for trying to be hardasses, and get their ass kicked for it. Pussies who can't fight because they need to call all their stupid cousins, who inbreed by the way, and don't fight clean because they know they'll get their ass rocked when 1 on 1. I have to constantly remind them to shut up because they aren't tough. Good ol white boys kick the shit out of them periodically to keep them in their place. Camels suck.
Camels, get the fuck out of MI.
by Spartans! February 04, 2005
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