6 definitions by Someone living in Dover, Ohio

It's short for "Tuscarawas County". A dark and boring county in Ohio located 2 hours directly south of Cleveland. Even the county's biggest towns (Dover and New Philadelphia) don't have much more to do than going to bars, eating food that's high in fat at restaurants, pacing around Wal-Mart and the mall, sitting at home playing video games, looking up random stuff on the internet, and sleeping. New Philadelphia has the Skate Place which is fun at first, then you realize it's full of middle school aged jocks. I know there's much worse places out there but T-Countiers try to make the county seem like more than it is, like they actually call Dover and New Philadelphia "cities". I wouldn't be too surprised if the county revolves it's entire economy around high school football, but I think it works as a good place to stop for gas, food, motel, etc. when on the way to another place. Dover just opened a new highway exit so that probably means more food places, gas stations, etc.
A family is taking Interstate 77 while on a road trip

Brother: Mom! I'm hungry!

Sister: So am I! I also have to go to the bathroom!

Mother: I just saw a sign saying were entering into Tuscarawas County!

Father: That's the perfect place to stop! I also need some gas!

Brother: Yes!

...to sum it up, T-County is best as a place to stop!
by Someone living in Dover, Ohio November 16, 2010
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1) Capital city of Delaware

2) A painfully boring country town in the middle of nowhere in Ohio. Unless you're really into American football, this place offers noting fun to do, especially if you don't have money, and getting a decent job around here is even harder than it is in most of America. One redeeming thing is that it isn't crime ridden like Canton, but in Dover, you can die from being so bored.
1) Dover is the capital of the first state of Delaware.

2) All there is to do in Dover, Ohio is to go to bars and leave.
by Someone living in Dover, Ohio August 05, 2009
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Western extension of Ohio
Indiana and Ohio both have alot of cornfields.
by Someone living in Dover, Ohio November 08, 2009
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A dull person living in a dull state, lacks personality, and looks down on anything coo, fun, or colorful. Ohioans usually wear gray clothes, drives a gray car, and has gray skin. Ohioans usually bald by 25 years of age. Spending a day with Ohioans can bring on depression in an instant.
Person 1: That person is so boring!

Person 2: He's Ohioan
by Someone living in Dover, Ohio November 22, 2009
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