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shit that comes out of your ass so fast you can just barely pull your pants down before the toilet floods with shit. sometimes so quick your organs may come out as well
john took a lightning shit and his lower intestines came out
by Slappdat March 02, 2016

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Similar to an alaskan pipeline, this move is when you start with anal, get some shit on the top of your dick, and stick it into the woman’s vagina.
Guy 1: “Dude Taylor let me give her a Muddy Pink Jammer last night, it was amazing, except there was a lot of shit on my dick. like golly there was poopy everywhere!”
Guy 2: “who the fuck are you?”
by Slappdat May 27, 2018

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No, it does not mean fuck me sideways. Nor does it mean fuck my school. It stands for Flight Management System. It’s what the pilots use to calculate weight and balance, performa- wait shit people did you really fucking define this as “fuck me sideways”? really? who says this? whoever wrote that, if you’re on my flight, i’m kicking you off and plugging one less passenger into the FMS.
“hey captain, i think we gotta do a max performance takeoff today still. what’s the FMS saying?”
“oh sorry, i was fucking a girl sideways, what were you saying?”
by Slappdat October 01, 2019

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a sexual innuendo referring to the act of giving sex. refers to some rough, unorthodox sex maneuvers.
bro, piercten gave me the sloppy last night
by Slappdat September 18, 2019

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(Leen-er) Adj. A derrogerory term towards a male, often an unpopular one.
Leaner: minecraft anime manga hogwarts
Me: what a leaner
by Slappdat October 21, 2018

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When you flip a man’s(or woman if you ready for sexual harassment charges) titties with both hands at once
Oh my! Two scoops for the price of one!
by Slappdat October 04, 2017

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