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When something bad happens in ordinary day to day life on a Friday that causes someone to grimace or cringe.
Nick: you excited the weekend is here?
Ethan: Not really. My mutual funds fell by 25% today.

Nick: Must be BDSM Friday on Wall Street.
by Slabshack November 27, 2018

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Grab the Lube

When some one gets figuratively butt fucked in day to day living.
Nick: What’s wrong man?
Ethan: Stock Market fell 30% today so my investments are taking a beating.

Nick: Grab the lube.
by Slabshack November 28, 2018

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Husband Hunting

When a woman’s top priority in life is to find a husband by going to any and all singles oriented events. Very common in conservative Catholic Culture.
Mary Ellen: How did your week go?
Linda: Just another week filled going to nightly events Husband Hunting but to no avail.
by Slabshack November 28, 2018

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A deceiving pick up line implying one has a lot of money wagered on a particular sporting event. It is used by a guy to get a woman’s attention who also happens to be watching the same game.
Bob: That woman is watching the football game. I am going to go and tell her I have A couple Gs on it. Hopefully that will lead to some chit chat with her.

Fred: Best of Luck.
by Slabshack November 29, 2018

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A woman who a guy has a lukewarm interest in and not totally sold on.
Brett: I saw you talking to that girl Sara. What’s the latest with her?
Nick: Eh. She is a half prospect. I decided to get with the lawyer instead.
by Slabshack December 04, 2018

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When the unthinkable happens that no one saw coming on the dating scene
Jessa: I can’t believe you got with her.

Nick: It was Meat Market Magic. Hope no one sold me short.
by Slabshack January 10, 2019

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Someone who has a crush/hard on for Tony Romo
Joe: Tony Romo providing the analysis for the football game. I love listening to him.

Nick: You must be a Romosexual!
by Slabshack January 20, 2019

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