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In reality, the above definition is wrong, where "Eight Mile" is not a term to describe a "wanksta" but rather a name of a road in Detroit, Michigan. The way it is used above was most probably obtained after watching the movie "Eight Mile", which follows a young white male trying to make it in the rap music industry. Eight Mile Road is the official name of the street in Detroit, and it is supposedly known to segregate between whites and blacks of Detroit (either race is not supposed to cross it--border of each race's territory).
Eninem plays the young white male "Rabbit" in the movie Eight Mile.

White male #1: I want some beer from that store across Eight Mile, but they wouldn't let me in.

White male #2: Yo, didn't you know that the other side of the Mile is not permitting white folk? Just stick to this side.
by Skario April 19, 2004
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Miami-based manufacturer of the popular, highpowered, and inexpensive firearm known as "Tec(h) 9" or "Tec(h)"

Officially known as TEC-DC9 (with many variations such as TEC-DC9K and TEC-DC98)
Due to the above criteria (inexpensive, powerful), the Tech 9 (TEC-DC9) is very popular among criminals and gangstas

However, powerful does not mean accurate (meaning that the weapon is high inaccurate, but still cheap enough for a gangsta to acquire
by Skario October 15, 2004
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wat souf philly niggaz do
"Aiyyo the South Philly motherfucka kill at will/ I keep my Mack Milly chilly chill" -- Beanie Sigel - Murda, Murda
by Skario January 12, 2005
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translates to the best or really good.
Nigga #1: Ayo, wuz dat smell?

Nigga #2: Daz me nigga, cuz I'm tha shit!

Group: Ohhhhh!
by Skario April 23, 2004
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as seen in "Around the Way Girl" by LL Cool J

"I need an around the way girl
Around the way girl
That’s the one for me
She’s the only one for me
I need an around the way girl
(you got me shook up shook down shook out on your loving)"
by Skario October 21, 2004
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Da greatest city on da east coast
Famous fo cheese steaks (fuck all hataz dat copy da philly cheese steak name, aint no one do it lyke we do it)

Ya boi reign from da city of illadelph

2-1-5 ya heard
by Skario October 14, 2004
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In Philly, gettin dipped on means gettin ya ass whooped by a group of people, see gangbang or jumped
Afta da rap battle, dat nigga got dipped on by lyke 40 niggaz
by Skario December 04, 2004
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