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Cell phone addicts. Incapable of going anywhere or doing anything without continuous connection to others of their sub-species via electronic devices fastened to the sides of their heads.
A borg T-boned Junior's ambulance yesterday. She was too busy yapping on the phone to notice the red light OR Junior's lights and sirens.
by Silverbullet November 23, 2006

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The preferred mount of Green Martian warriors as imagined and described by Edgar Rice Burroughs in his 1912 sci-fi classic "Princess of Mars".

"...and his mount! How can earthly words describe it! It towered ten feet at the shoulder; had four legs on either side; a broad flat tail, larger at the tip than at the root......Like its master, it was entirely devoid of hair, but was of a dark slate color and exceedingly smooth and glossy. Its belly was white, and its legs shaded from the slate of its shoulders and hips to a vived yellow at the feet."

More recent writers and filmakers have borrowed heavily from Burroughs' Mars series. Jabba's sail barge, land speeders, and everpresent swordplay in Star Wars being notable examples.
Two of these animals had fallen to me from the warriors whose metal I wore, and in a short time I could handle them as well as the native warriors........If the thoats did not respond with sufficient celerity to the telepathic instructions of their riders, they were dealt a terrific blow between the ears with the butt of a pistol.......
by Silverbullet November 14, 2006

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A form of walking characterized by exaggerated stride and arm swing, usually performed by white suburban women wearing headphones and athletic attire.

Since it isn't really strenuous, the dramatic motions and attire lets observers know they are exercising, not just too poor to afford a car.
Check that out that Dork Walker, she must work at the Ministry of Silly Walks.
by Silverbullet November 18, 2006

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A wrestling move used in both Freestyle and Greco-Roman to score back points. While back exposure is a near certainty, its impossible to pin with this move.
The truly amazing thing about Rulon Gardner's victory in the 2000 Olympics is that Karelin was unable to score with Gardner in Parre Terre position. A gutwrench is nearly a gimme in that situation.
by Silverbullet February 09, 2007

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