When you arrive in Afghanistan he will be the one person you can trust with your life. Be ready for intense pleasure when being around JAbba, with his swaggery and swagadelic styles he’s sure to blow you away.
“Yo JAbba is lookin so swagadelic today.” Whispered Bethany

True dat.” Said Rachel.
by Intense gravity movements October 26, 2020
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A "Jabba" is in reference to "Jabba The Hut" from star wars. This fat, slobbish persn has little respect for their personal appearance and lacks the motivation to put out the minimal effort it takes to roll off of the couch. A slobish, obese brute. Can be found sleeping on the couch watching daytime tv with half eaten sandwiches on his gut. Sometime Jabbas are prone to smell of feces and filth from either defecating themselves or continuos farting.
When an unfamiliar friend stops by your house and ghasps, " What the fuck is that thing on the couch?" You can reply, "Oh that's just Jabba, he doesn't do much of anything, sorry about the smell though."
by Dan Saathoff December 27, 2006
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"Jabba the Hutt" was a character in the movie "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi". He was a giant, evil, obese slug-like creature.
The term is often used to describe someone who is fat and/or lazy.
That pimply comic-nerd looked like Jabba the Hutt.

Hey Jabba! Get off your lazy ass!
by Ten February 19, 2005
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(adj.) in a state of lethargic gluttony, induced by a sizable session of weed smoking (and subsequent munchies), that rivals the lustful, lethargic gluttony of Jabba the Hutt.
I was soo jabba last night-—I just laid there watching Half Baked and eating cans of Pringles.
by natfatcat December 24, 2007
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Incredibly lazy, overweight person with a desire to eat foodstuffs of any kind (although commonly fatty) around the clock - and often does. A Jabba is also known to use a number of phrases associated with the trait, such as "Jabba so full of fat" or "NORTY JABBANA"
"Missy Elliot is a jabba"
"Lango you're such a jabba"
by Anonymous February 19, 2003
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1). Performing the act of cunnilingus in the manner of Jabba the Hut in his death scene, i.e. performing the act of cunnilingus whilst moving your tongue horizontally instead of vertically.

2). Eating a girl out with your tongue thrashing side to side in a violent, erratic motion.

NOTE: Sound of death optional.
Girl 1: He jabbad the shit out me last night. I came so fast.

Girl 2: Damn. I wish my boyfriend would jabba me.

Girl 3: Guys just don't know about jabbaing.
by Murder Boner October 12, 2012
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