Synonym for faggotry, mainly used by people who view themselves as 'straight' but had, or are open to homosexual activity.
I've had my Greco-Roman times during my teens.
by arsenius February 21, 2020
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The best style of Wrestling there is it involves the skill of throwing and not using your legs to lock or block from your opponents waist and down where tech falls are 10 and you can pin people quick and you can hit high caliber throws for 5 points.
Did you see the guy 5 his opponent in the Greco-Roman match?
Yeah he went feet over head and landed on his neck I think that's the best arm waist throw I've ever seen!!!

Greco-Roman wrestling is used in Amateur and Olympic competition to prove who's the best thrower and wrestler in the country and world.
by TheEHSwrestler123456 July 3, 2017
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How a true Dance Dance Revolution fan asks for anal.

Comes from After The Game Of Love, where instead of saying "go Greek" like a normal person, the singer asks for "Greco-Roman style".
You wanna go Greco-Roman style
To meet your needs I'll even run a mile
by MissingUTAH October 10, 2020
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when you fuck a girl in the ass and vomit on her back
i ate a cheeseburger burrito and accidentally gave her an greco-roman shower.
by tayintheway January 15, 2011
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(VERB) Style of wrestling practiced in Olympic and international amateur competition. In Greco-Roman wrestling the legs may not be used in any way to obtain a fall, and no holds may be taken below the waist. The sole exception to this would be the fondeling of another mans package. It is comon during greco roman wrestling for the two men to grunt in each others ears whilest their sweaty bodies intermingle.
by Ali T May 11, 2003
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This is the centuries old tried and tested method of a man pulling his penis out of the vagina just prior to male orgasm in order to prevent pregnancy.

This act may also involve a facial, Cream Pie, Map of Hawaii, or other known jiz patterns.
I was banging your old lady and since I didn't have a condom, I used the old Greco-Roman Pullout Technique on her and blew it in her hair.
by DanteRandall June 19, 2009
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greco roman is like actual 100% effort wrestling
if you did greco roman on someone in public you would have like 50 felonies
by robjohnsonbro June 10, 2021
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