ride, unreal, sexy, HOTTT, smart, funny....perfect
wow that guy is such a rosso!!!
by boochers September 14, 2010
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Short for Rossington a large village in South Yorkshire, UK. Also known as 'Paradise'.

Inhabitants are known as 'Rossingtonains' or 'double ard bas**rds'
dom lives in rosso. he is a rossingtonain
by yer ma laaa October 23, 2005
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A phrase referring to a man who believes himself quiet the expert in matters of dress, sexual experimention and hair however in reality he is not. Considers himself sex guru to all the crew, however much of his theories are purely theories and have not been put into action due to said individuals huge ego.

This individuals is most likely to be covering up for insecurities about his sexuality or the quality of his equipment. This individual should be pitied.

WARNING: Any female should avoid at all cost due to the desperate nature of the individual in his desire to shag anything with legs without having an emotional connection.
Girl1: That guy wont stop looking at my breasts and drooling.
Girl 2: Oh he is such a Rosso
by Dr. Feelbadaboutlife April 5, 2010
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Retarded redneck who is also gay. He laughs like a total idiot and is the worst speaker ever.
Disknfbjdbjg dhbgdhbdjhbdj fksldhfklshfsjdem teachers are da skhfb stuupid!
by Matt January 26, 2005
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a total aim machine
OMG OMG Im soo 1337 i can HS u!!!
OMG OMG i got HSed u hax0

Also see lamer, haxor, cheater, aimbot
CS CS CS!!1 I haev t3h ch34tzz!!11!1
"i t0tally pnwed u. u r so a n00b and i am so leet"
by whoknow February 18, 2005
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A comedy duo from Australia who are seen (and heard) mainly on radio and in newspapers. Are pretty funny and have some classic CD's out, available from ABC shops. Have a liking for the New Zealand accent and once rang a pizza shop in NZ to pay out the poor guy there.
Have you heard Merrick and Rosso? They are very funny.
by Marty June 13, 2003
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sneaking up on a sleeping roommate and stickin a zuchinni into the rectum with warming lubrication.
by sean j November 26, 2003
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