8 definitions by Silk Brah

1. This is the art of jerking off onto a piece of toast, spreading it around, then using philly cream cream cheese on top of it to disguise the jism. Great for giving to the bitch or bastard you cant stand.

The bitch was pissing me off so i gave her the philadelphia cream cheese for breakfast and she loved it. She said it had a familiar taste.
by Silk Brah March 21, 2008
The substance found on the underside of the tits usually after profuse sweating, or after normal hygene activities have been halted for an extended amount of time. It is commonly slightly viscuous with a distinguishing stench.

Usually found on women with massive dd or larger breast.
Damn, that bitch has some serious blomunda cheese !
by Silk Brah March 21, 2008
This is when you tear out all those business reply flyers in magazines and send them to your buds to piss them off.
Juan is being a jerk off so I will give him the business. Wait til he gets those magazines, and porn catalogs in the mail, hahaha. Asshole.
by Silk Brah March 29, 2008
see Cleveland Steamer, just add lots of nuts in the feces.
Man he really gave me the Detroit Nutty tonight
by Silk Brah March 21, 2008
This is when you jack off and jizz in a small lotion bottle and leave it on your friends girlfriends or wifes bathroom sink for them to use in the future.
Man, Jose's wife is a hotty. I would love to slip her the man meat. Since I cant, the wonder lotion will be the next best thing. Hope she rubs me,err, it all over herself.
by Silk Brah March 29, 2008
Bang your monkey is slang for male masterbation. It's secondary meaning comes from the Jim Rome Show. It means to call the local program director at your am sports talk show and bitch at him.
She said I want to bang your monkey all day long!
by Silk Brah March 21, 2008
When a chic sucks your dick so long the head turns a bright red.
Damn Juanita gave me a dickhickey last night and the mofo is still fuckin red!
by Silk Brah March 28, 2008