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The level of drunkeness just above Rugby-League-drunk and immediately below Joseph-Fritzl-drunk.
A level of alcoholism that instills in an individual the will to cause reckless damage to nearby people and artefacts while maintaining an immense level of arrogance.
Shit, Ernie just shat in a corridor and groped my teenage sister he's absolutely sudo-drunk.
by SickTitties September 07, 2010
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The action of intensely and rapidly stimulating the clitoris with the tip of ones fully erect penis.
oh oh OOOHHH AAAHHHHHHH... FUCK that swashbuzzling made me come like a fucking freight train.
by SickTitties July 07, 2011
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An expression of joy in the success or good fortune of another's Dad, particularly if they're hot.
Condadulations Derek, your old man has a fuckin' whopper on him.
by SickTitties June 09, 2011
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The state of inebriation higher than Joseph-Fritzl-drunk and slightly more sober that 42 arrogant sudos on the piss.
This level of alcoholism instills in an individual the desire to host travel shows even though you are only capable of swearing at a puddle in the gutter and severely increases the tendancy to hit primary school students who step out of line.
Ernie Dingo: Oiiiiii, heres this good place ere called the Kimberley, heaps good place for a holiday you cunts...
Guy: Mr Dingo your rolling into my driveway and onto my bins.
Ernie Dingo: fuck that ya gin, where's your little shithead of a son, what'd he say about me?!?
Guy: He said you're being rude and that you're clearly Ernie-Dingo-drunk...
Ernie: Get him here i'll smack him up...
by SickTitties September 07, 2010
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