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Benji and Joel Madden are the nicest Boys I have eva heard and joel has a really sexy voice I love their songs especially We Believe
They Rock!!!!
They Rock!!!Joel and Benji are soooooooooooooooo cool because they are cute, good singers and COOL!!!
yOU Would think the same
by Sian February 20, 2005
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Short for scrotum wings. The man version of "camel toe" The seam in your levi's allows for a separation of the testicles, thereby resulting in what looks like camel toe, but for a guy.
Man, that guy's white jeans are waaay too tight. Check out the scrot wings on that!
by sian June 30, 2003
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someone who is a twat and has a spastic moment
cat is a twastic!!! "god cat you twastic!!"
by sian March 31, 2005
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wanabees, people who want to be, and Gwen Stefani, combined to make Gwenabees
"Ellie is a big no doubt fan but she isn't a Gwenabee"
by Sian February 23, 2005
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a nice one.she had a cool fairy party.but she didnt sing :-( and i had too
plz come to heva's fariy party and sing 'sing star'
by sian August 04, 2004
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To Beef: Beefin' or beefing in some parts of England (i.e. Leeds, Yorkshire) means crying
Don't start beefin' over that!
by Sian September 11, 2003
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