Arguing/fighting, or a feud between friends, family members, enemies or gangs. Sometimes it just means a verbal confrontation, but quite often leads to violence.
Gang banger: "Were beefin' with those ese's!"
by Carl Johnson August 6, 2005
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When its really hot, over warm and really stuffy.
Blonde Girl in office : 'ah Man! its Beefin' in here!'
by Queen of the world Mark 2 December 24, 2009
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"Beefin' it", also called "Beefin' the cheese" is slang for the passing of gas through the anus, also known as flatulence. Said to refer to both the "meat" and "cheese" odors that are common in white American flatulence. The origin of this usage is unknown.
Beefin' it

Definition: to fart, flatulence;

Tim ate some fast food and has been beefin it all day.

Man, it smells like Mary's been beefin' the cheese again!
by SenorDickbutt July 5, 2018
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When a nigga has mad beef with someone. To hate or to freestyle against. Someone who generally is mad or is trying to hurt and or kill someone else.
"Nigga yo momma so stupid she put her food stamp on a letter"
"OHH SHITT!!! This nigga is beefin"

"Yo why is this dude keep honkin his horn and shit, ima pull out my colt if he's beefin."
by Justin The Gangsta August 24, 2006
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A verbal or mental confrontation between a familymember,spouse, friend or social group. The confrontation in most cases can be solved by talkin but in too many cases violence leads to larger beefs.
Im currently beefin with my boyfriend becasue he won't answer his cell phone
by Paschal Nash September 23, 2003
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to eat or eat very quickly, loudly or sloppy
my youngbull dontrelle is beefin' that cheesesteak

i heard him beefin' from over here
by Jaquan123321 August 12, 2009
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Beyond cool, so extremely cool that the world cool cannot be used anymore. Not just a word...a way of life...
George&shazeb&and whoever is "beefin"
by Best beefers in the world August 25, 2005
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